Solar panels produce electricity about 1/3 of each 24 hr cycle. Now, solar farms
can produce electricity 24/7 using H2 GLOBAL technology. Due to the high
efficiency of H2G conversion processes, water can be used to produce clean
burning fuel to run generators during dark hours and keep electricity flowing. 
It’s a clean solution and can be implemented now. The amount of electricity
diverted to H2G water fuel production during the day is only a small fraction of
solar farm output.
H2G water to fuel processes can be adapted to jet engines. We are open to
partnerships with airline industry and Mfg. to develop this potential. We have the
process, we need to partner with industry stakeholders to bring it to commercial
Scooters and other two or three wheel vehicles occupy a very  large segment of
the road traffic in many countries. H2 Global has developed a working prototype
using it’s H2G water fuel process to power Scooters. It’s  here now. It works. At
present we can demonstrate to interested parties that the  H2G process
increases mpg 400-500% and runs cleaner with more power. We expect to
double the mpg soon.
Clean coal is no longer an oxy moron. H2G has designed a process which uses our
unique water fuel systems to provide clean coal, increase power output, and
provide a near zero carbon footprint without sequestration or other risky concepts.
The H2G process reduces fuel costs drastically, increases output and nearly
eliminates carbon and other toxic emissions, from coal fired power plants. There is
no need to stop using coal, especially when the H2G solution is so effective and
We all know that ships float on water. But soon you’ll know that ships float on their
own fuel. Clean, nearly zero emissions, fuel from fresh or seawater. H2G has the
technology and the proof of concept. All we need now to commercialize this
application is a partner in the industry. Contact us if have an interest in this
application of H2G technology.
Trains are very efficient at moving freight. But they still rely on fossil fuels for long
hauls. This emits toxins into the air all across the country. And even when the price
of fuel is low, it’s still very expensive when compared to the pennies per gallon and
clean burning H2G water fuel. Trains are very big toys. If  you own one or many,
and like to share, we would be very interested in helping you reduce your costs,
for fuel and clean up emissions. You can save millions and we could all
breathe a little easier.
Trucks are nice toys too. What kid does not like trucks. We are big kids. And we
like them too. So we have been testing our H2G water fuel systems on them. 
When we started, we gained as much as 299% mpg over the factory version. That
was several years ago. Now we have systems which may soon make it possible
for trucks to never have to stop and refuel. That’s right never. And when Google
self driving vehicle apps come of age, they may only stop to load and unload.
We can provide clean burning fuel replacements or supplements for all trucks. And
it’s clean burning H2G water fuel, costing only pennies per gallon equivalent.
The dune buggy at left is a concept car we use to test new water fuel concepts.
We started with production cars and we got amazing results.
But we wanted to stretch the envelope so we built this test platform that
uses our clean burning water fuel, solar cells, and wind turbines to integrate
advanced energy concepts into a road tested vehicle. This is the first car in the
world to run on solar, wind and water. And when we are done, cars will never be
the same. But they will be much cleaner and run for pennies per gallon.
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